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How it works

Although there are multiple smaller details for us to make sure your satisfied and happy with the results of selling your company here is a basic nutshell on how the process works.


Initial Consultation

A quick 15- 30 Minute call to get to know you and your goals when it comes to selling your business, time frames, and to also see if we can qualify your company for an Aquistion.


Evaluation call

Now that we know where you stand, we like to review numbers before our call so we can understand any major concerns with the Finacial health of the business, but we can also ask them on the call as well.


Offer Call and Collaboration

We will make you a fair verbal offer based off industry standards, your time frame.


Letter of Intent and Due Diligence

After we come into agreement on our offer, we can then prepare our team to draft an LOI to sign. In the same process we will also work with our team for due diligence and to answer any questions we may have.


Closing and Transfer of Funds

After our team has the green light on due diligence, we will arrange a closing meeting with you to sign the purchase agreement and officially transfer ownership. Funds are typically placed in an escrow account until all conditions are met.


Transition and Integration

After the sale, we manage the transition process, which may include retaining key employees, maintaining customer relationships, and integrating the acquired business into our operations.

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